B2B Marketers Should Take a Serious Look at Social Media Marketing

B2B Marketers Should Take a Serious Look at Social Media Marketing

A recent study from Forrester Research reports that a very high percentage of B2B purchasers participate in social media (or social technologies).  Some key metrics to note:

  • Excluding the IT sector, 68% of B2B decision makers are 'spectators'. This means they read or subscribe to blogs, check out others online profiles, or visit online communities and forums
  • 31% are 'critics' who comments on blogs posts and engage in forum discussions

You can see all the measures in the table below, and find the original post here.

Chart B2b_social_participation_2

These numbers do not surprise me at all.  Social technologies such as
blogging is probably the most cost-effective and productive way to
reach and keep in touch with customers.  In the past months, our B2B
blog has generated numerous leads for us, as well as helped enhance
relationship with existing and potential clients (you are reading this
post right now, aren't you :-) 

In the golf industry, we are beginning to see more and more B2B blogs –
I listed many in my previous post.  If you are involved in selling
advertising solutions, components, course management or consulting
services, you should take a serious look in social media. As Josh
Bernoff noted, "if you're a B2B marketer and you're not
using social technologies in your marketing, it means you're late."

Shoot us an email or leave a comment, we are more than happy to evaluate and discuss options for you.

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