What Dunkin Donuts Can Teach Golf Marketers

What Dunkin Donuts Can Teach Golf Marketers

A recent Nightline story  “Breakfast Wars” reported on how Dunkin Donuts is dominating this competition, growing 5% annually and opening at least 800 stores in 2008 while Starbucks is closing stores left and right.

Dunkin is now the consumer’s number one choice both for coffee sold over the counter and coffee beans packaged in those little foil bags.

How is Dunkin whipping this formidable competitor and what can DD teach golf marketers?

Logo Dunkin DonutsDunkin can remind golf marketers about these two marketing fundamentals: knowing their customer and precisely positioning their offering to match their customers’ purchase attitudes and behavior.

Nightline reported that Dunkin knows that its customers pride themselves on being low maintenance, regular Joes. They are people who’d prefer not to speak Italian when ordering a cup of coffee. Small, medium and large are just fine, thank you.

The recession is favoring Dunkin but this positioning works in any economy. New Yorker magazine called the brand “low brow” brilliant and Dunkin’s CEO Will Kussell is proud of that review.

He said, “I love it. That’s perfect. That’s exactly what we want to be.” This is reflected so well in DD’s tagline: “America runs on Dunkin” and the new commercials “You Kin’ Do It” by its ad agency Hill Holliday.

Golf marketers, so keep it simple and fundamental like DD and these leading, successful golf brands who have used the same position for years:

  • Titleist — the best performing balls in golf.  
  • Ping  — the game improvement irons.
  • Callaway Big Bertha — the oversized driver with greater distance and accuracy.
  • Foot Joys — the standard for golf shoe performance and style. 

So, golf marketers, focus on the fundamentals: identify your real core customer, pinpoint his purchase attitude and behavior and nail your positioning accordingly. Make positioning guru Al Ries proud .

Most important grab a few donuts for your next marketing meeting or tee time. You Kin’ Do It.

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  • This is a great post and so true. I think more and more we are going for the more simple ways of life. Dunkin Donut realizes this as I’m more more companies will do as well. Those that do will probably have the same successful results.

  • Libby,
    Thanks for you kind compliments. Yes, simple and supportive of consumers promotions like Hyundai taking care of unemployed by suspending payments, and Denny’s with its free grand slam breakfasts are brands that are being rewarded now and will be in the future. I saw a CBS evening news story recently reporting on the Denny’s promotion and similar promotions with a yoga studios giving free sessions to the unemployed and a hair salon giving a percent discount based on how much your portfolio lost this year. Very supportive and very clever. Hope all is well with you and your venture. Thanks again for your comments,

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